Are our classes right for your dog?

Fast Track Dog Training - our classesIf your dog enjoys the company of other dogs and likes meeting new people then my classes are designed for you.

Does your dog bark and lunge at strangers, either canine or human?

It might be for two reasons...
They are uncomfortable with other dogs or new people and are trying to make them go away;
They’re so delighted to see other dogs they get over-excited and this quickly leads to aggression as they are frustrated.

Both types of dogs need more room ... more room than a dog-training class can give them.

Your dog’s needs are paramount and this is why I wouldn’t put you or your dog through the stress of being in class. Your dog’s needs are specialised and would not be met by a class.

It would be a waste of time and money as it would not address your requirements and could even make matters worse.

And what about the human end of the lead?

Does this sound like you?

  • Committed to doing the best for their dog;
  • Open to new ideas;
  • Game for a laugh

If you’re answering yes to all of the above, you sound like my kind of person!

So why not click on the Book Now button and let me help you train your dog today!

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Our classes are currently being held outside which has proven far better for the dogs but us humans need to remember to be dressed according to the weather! The classes are for dogs who can cope with the proximity of other dogs and people. If you think your dog would not benefit from a group class due to the way it reacts, either nervously or aggressively, please contact my colleague, Lyn Fleet at

Lyn is an experienced and well-respected dog trainer and behaviourist who is a member of the UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists. Lyn offers both behaviour consultations and one-to-one training and is the only person to whom I refer owners for those problems that will not be resolved by classes.