Puppy training classes : 18 weeks or younger £45 for 4 sessions

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What an amazing time your pup’s childhood is. They’re cute and funny but also exasperating and worrying. Is he meant to be doing that? Is that puppy play or aggression? Has anyone in the family asked ‘whose stupid idea was it to get a puppy,’ yet?

This is such an important time of your dog's life that you don't want them to be scared or influenced by older dogs who can be intimidating or poor role models.

I concentrate on what a puppy needs to learn, and how you can teach it in a way that makes learning fun for all of you. He needs to be confident and self-assured, with the beginnings of self-control.

You need to be in an environment where you can learn that you’re not alone in wondering how your puppy can be so lovely when he’s asleep and a complete nightmare when he’s awake! Everyone will be bearing the scars from those needle-sharp teeth, bemoaning the loss of something precious the pup thought was a chew toy, and wondering if they’ll ever get a good night’s sleep again!

A puppy’s brain is an amazing thing, science tells us that it is working at a different rate – but it’s a very short window of opportunity. We need to do everything possible to ensure you get the maximum benefit during this crucial time.

This course is four 50 minute sessions held outside in our lovely, secure venue at Hope School. Working outside during the Covid-19 pandemic keeps us safe and we can practise lots of recalls with the puppy so they learn that other puppies are fun but you're the better option!and priced at only £45.

As everyone in the family wants to know how best to handle the puppy, the whole family is encouraged to attend. Children are especially welcome and must be supervised.

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