What is Nosework and why do we teach it?

Fast Track Dog Training - noseworkThere are many ways to exercise your dog and we’ve chosen nosework because it is easy to do, very satisfying for the dog, and doesn’t require expensive equipment or facilities. We wanted an activity you can do at home after a hard day at work, in terrible weather, and even with an injured dog or owner.

Owners of high-energy dogs think the answer to their prayers is burning off that energy with agility, flyball, or constantly chasing after a ball in the park. While the dog undoubtedly enjoys these activities, they build up a dog’s stamina (like that of an athlete)and adrenalin levels and to get the same effect, those owners will need to work harder and spend longer in the park or training ground to satisfy their dog’s needs.

And we hate to break it to you, but no matter how good a dog trainer you are, your dachshund or corgi is going to struggle going over those jumps! Any dog can enjoy nosework, irrespective of size, shape or age.

These are just some of the canine careers that involve nosework:

  • Drug detection
  • Search and rescue
  • Explosives and IED’s (Improvised Explosive Device detection)
  • Firearm detection
  • Customs work
  • Cancer detection
  • Changes in human blood chemistry (seizure alert dogs)

If you have a dog that’s highly strung and full of energy, nosework will tire them out and have them lying on their back, snoring so loud you’ll have to turn the telly volume up!

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